ClearView Screen Enclsoures 

When the last thing you need is a screen enclosure that's here today and gone tomorrow at the first strong wind, you choose Upright Aluminum.

Construction that stands solid

Every other company uses the old hollow beam construction. With solid beam construction, we install reinforced aluminum beams directly into the concrete of your slab or pool deck, to avoid rusty bolts holding your enclosure down.

Benefits too good to ignore
Your benefits just keep adding up with our enclosure. You get openings from 10 to 15 feet wide and 80% more view than traditional enclosure. Plus, you can have custom designs and roofing options.

Protected investment
You can also get the service contracts and warranties that protect your investment for years. Your installation comes with a one-year warranty but don't forget to ask about our 10-year warranty!

Enjoy the open air from a protected, comfortable space
​Beautiful front entrances and lanai enclosures
Openings of 10 - 15' instead of 6 - 8'
80% more view than traditional screen enclosures
Custom designs and roofing options
Solid beam construction - every beam is solid
Deflection braces in roof for less flexing and more strength
Competitive prices

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The #1 Installer of ClearView Screen Enclosures with Solid Beam Construction in SW Florida


We specialize in building unique, custom built pergolas. So whether your looking to add a bit of shade in a contemporary, classic or a romantic look, these add an extra touch to your outdoor living area.

Front Entrances & Lanai Enclosures

Just because it's for a screen enclosure doesn't mean your entryway can't be grand.

Turn your neighbors' heads
Make 'em sit up and take notice of the beautiful entrances we can instlal for you. You can opt for classic decorative designs or custom grill work that adds style to your screened sanctuary.

Create your outdoor hideaway
Let us screen in your back porch or add side screens to create your own outdoor sanctuary of comfort and privacy.

Be as comfortable outdoors as indoors
Your lanai enclosure will let you enjoy the open air without pesky bugs. Plus it will allow more and fresher air to pass through your home, reducing air conditioner use and lowering your energy biills.

Welcome your guests in style
* Multiple front entry options
* Standard with one opening
* Welded screen doors
* Custom grill work
​ * Classic decorative designs

Create a side or back sanctuary
* Multiple lanai enclosure options
* Back porches
* Side screens
* Elite roofs
* Composite roofs
* Under trussed porches

Bring indoor comfort outdoors
* Screen out bugs
* Increase your home’s air circulation
* Reduce air conditioner use
* Lower your energy bills
* Get fresher, healthier air circulating indoors
Pool Enclosure

When you’re in the pool you want to feel weightless and free, not caged in. At Upright Aluminum we pride ourselves on offering you the absolute best quality enclosure. We add any products to your enclosure if it enhances, strengthens or last longer than other competitor’s products. Our differences are:


Solid Beam
We are SW Florida’s Only solid beam installation. Our Columns are rebared and poured solid with concrete 12” into your footer. Our competitors use tapcons screwed into your deck 2” deep. Solid beam columns are 90% stronger than hollow beam and allows for no chair rails up to 10’ tall. This gives you the best of both worlds, 90% stronger cage with 75% more view!

Protect Your Enclosure
The two things that are constantly replaced on cages 2 years or older are, screens because the rip from weathering and rusty screws. Here at Upright Aluminum we use SuperScreen® and our New Anchors Away Base Track System.

Anchors Away Base Track
The newest product added to our enclosures is our New Anchors Away Base Track System. This is now a standard item that we use on all of our enclosures. This product will eventually be the industry standard. The Anchors Away Base Track System has a cap that covers the screws to prevent water exposure. It provides center support to prevent buckling of the material which is the major reason floor anchors rust. So, no more rusty floor anchors “EVER”. The top cap has a very attractive look with no more unsightly screws or dents, just a smooth clean finish. ​

​SuperScreen® (with 10yr warranty)
®​ is a PVC based screen product that doesn't fade or lose its strength due to harsh Florida sun. Regular screen is made of fiberglass with a nylon coating. It only has a 1yr warranty. SuperScreen® comes with a manufactures 10yr warranty. Your screen will look as dark and shiny years to come, as it did the first week it was installed. 

Add Extra Safety Features

​In addition to screens you can get fencing and railing for additional handrails